I am happy to let you know I have a free drop-in monthly journaling group I am hosting at Jefferson Unitarian Church in Golden.  (14350 W 32nd Ave, Golden, CO 80401)

We get together on the third Friday of every month in room 5/6 from 2 – 4 in the afternoon.

This is a contemplative group, but even if you have no journaling experience, you will be eased into our routine with great comfort!

If you are new, I ask you to e-mail me so I expect you, and come 10 minutes early so I can explain our routine.  I will start promptly at 2 showing a new technique for about 15 minutes, giving everyone a chance to set up and get ready.  At 2:15, we close the door, and get busy!

I will have inks, markers, papers, glues, and other juicy collage materials, so you won’t need anything but a journal to work in.  You are also welcome to bring supplies to add to our communal supply pile, and your own personal materials that are not for sharing.

We work in silence, or with some special background music with no talking.

“WAIT”, you might be saying, “you work in silence?”

We work in silence.  I have found something really special happens when all obligation to chat and interact with words is taken away.  We have a profound and deep connection with each other as we each work in our own journals, and then at about 3:30, we stop, clean up a little, and each take a turn sharing about what we have done.

This is not a critique, there is no feedback, we simply listen deeply as each person shows their page/s, and talks about whatever they need to talk about.  In this deep listening, we are again reminded of the connection we can build doing this work.

SO please think about journaling in a group with us, it’s a magical time.

Our upcoming sessions are the following Fridays in 2014:
January 17, February 21, March 21, April 18, and May 16.

Hope you can join us!


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  1. What a wonderful idea! I’m in class most fridays but will try to make it on the days i’m not in class. I assume drop ins are welcome?

    • So glad you can join us now and then, Phyllis! and would you also like to be on the mailing list?

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