I am a mixed media artist who works primarily with paper, fiber, paint, and photography to create multi-layered collage canvases, visual journals, and mixed media book and fine art.  I also write and publish books about Creative Journaling.

I LOVE teaching visual journaling, and have taught at women’s festivals, in workshops for profit and non-profits, for children’s parties, and in art therapy settings.   Many of the participants in my journaling groups have even been therapists!
You can see more of my art at http://www.etstudio.net/

I have a B.A. in Fine Arts, and a B.S. and M.Arch in Architecture, all from the University of Maryland. I taught graphics and Fine Arts at Mercer Community College in New Jersey, and at my own studios in Bethesda, Maryland, Zionsville, Indiana, and Hightstown, New Jersey.
I have also worked as an art director, designing books, websites, magazines, print graphics, (and even a few house remodels early in my career.)  My art is represented by Parcai Designs.

I have exhibited my artwork in Atlanta, Indianapolis, New York, Washington D.C., Edinburgh, Princeton, and Denver. My images have appeared in The Princeton Packet, Stampers Magazine, 1000 Journal Pages, Creativity Cafe Magazine, 1001 Journals, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and more. My visual journaling blog, CreativeArtJournal.Blogspot.com has received over 100,000 hits to date.

You can find me on Pintarest, Facebook, Twitter, ETSY, and Blogspot.

I live and work in Lakewood, Colorado.


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