Do you want to try something new?


Would you like to gather your friends and do something creative?  Do you want a fun and easy fundraiser for your organization?  Do you need an excuse to have creative fun with friends or family, or a special child’s birthday party?


I have been teaching visual journaling for years, and am expanding my teaching to include events; a kid’s birthday party, a hen party, a fundraising event, a birthday or an anniversary celebration, a congrats-on-the-new job dinner, a Bon Voyage party, or just getting some good friends together to make something new.

I will bring all the supplies for us to make hand-bound journals using 140 pound watercolor paper, and then with all my juicy supplies, we will start to fill our books with collage, words, ink, and magic.

I will lead everyone through the process in easy, painless steps, no skill needed or required!

You will gather eight or more of your friends, send out the invite, get some munchies and drinks, and I will show up with everything we need; the paper, the binding materials, the collage photos, inks, markers, glues, and even ephemera.  (For example, if you want a travel themed party, I will bring lots of travel photos for us to use in our journals.)

You can make themed journals, like a “Bon Voyage” book.  We will not only make our own individual journals, but we can all work in a master copy which will be presented to the guest of honor and the conclusion of our art time.

It’s super fun, and no hassle for you — please let me know how I can make your next event magic with art journaling!

Some logistics:

We need a minimum of eight participants, ($25 each)  and you will need table space for all — large rectangular tables are best.  I travel!  More than 25 miles, and I will ask for $50 fuel and time charge, and if you give me a plane ticket, I will show up anywhere!

The minimum age is 10 to make the hand bound journals; for ages 5 – 9, I will provide pre-made watercolor paper journals which we will then paint and color and collage in – this is super fun for kids, and makes a very memorable birthday party.  A birthday bonus is photos I take, which I can e-mail to you for posting on your own blog, website, or social media page.

E-mail me or call, and we can talk about dates and how to make your Art Journal Party wonderful.



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